Tiny Little House

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Above:The old caravan with chassis cut out. Took around two hours with grinder

Above: Wheels and hitch after being stripped cleaned and repainted

Above: Part of the chassis after the wire brushing and cleaning

Above: Wire brushing and cleaning and preparing of chassis complete

Above: Independant suspension

Above: Hitch

Above: Painted with Hammerite. (2.5l used)

Above: Hubs being sprayed

Above: Hubs assembled and bearings greased

Above: One off brake cable made from u-bolt bracket and wire rope and fixings

Above: Assembled with wheels

Above: Wood for flooring frame

Above: And painted

Above: Fitting floor

Above: Fitting floor

Above: frame completed

Above: Frame again

Above: Floor Sheathing

Above: And painted

Above: Front door wall frame

Above: And with window

Above: Side wall frame

Above: Both

Above: First erection to get idea of space

Above: Again

Above: Again

Above: Again

Above: Sleeping platform

Above: One roof frame

Above: With roof frame on

Above: Kit in garage

Above: Cladding started

Above: Both gable ends cladd

Above: and again

Above: My dad in the Kitchen and bedroom and bathroom.......

Above: i cladded over two windows on the front left of this picture and another next to the front door, as I have not decided which to use yet.

Above: The rear

Above: Trailer with a fresh coat of floor paint

Above: House flat pack

Above: Getting walls ready to put up(adjusting wheel wells)

Above: Walls up

Above: Wheel wells

Above: Wheel

Above: Roof Beam in

Above: Roofing structure

Above: Roof boarded

Above: Rear

Above: Front

Above: Covered for the evening

Above: Roof painted and sealed with a quick coat of bitumen waterproofer

Above: Underlay felt layed , from rear

Above: Underlay felt layed, from front

Above: Tiny little house and office next to each other

Above: Windows casing

Above: Window casing

Above: Window casings completed and wall frame corners sealed

Above: Window casings completed and wall frame corners sealed

Above: Door ,window and corner facings on. and roof started and facia boards going on

Above: Rear showing facia boards

Above: Side view

Above: Roof sheeted in corrugated bitumen sheets....very lightweight and gauranteed for 15 years

Above: Front facias ready to be cut

Above: Rear facias ready to be cut

Above: Self made corner bead and facia framing

Above: side facia boards on waiting for the gutters.

Above: Roof Finished and Facias trimmed

Above: Rear View

Above: Example of nail punched and filled (hardly visible)

Above: Side View missing ridge pieces in

Above: Sleeping loft joists in

Above: Decorative peice to cover bulge of ridge piece and facia joint

Above: First coat of Stain on (warm oak)

Above: First coat of Stain on (warm oak)

Above: Sleeping platform in

Above: Sleeping platform

Above: Guttering batten fitted and finish to fascia

Above: window sash in progress

Above: Window sash with front bead

Above: window sash in window wedged in place to insure that glue dries with sash square

Above: 1 of 2 Unopening windows started

Above: unopening window with front bead in place

Above: Internal layout and framing started

Above: Internal layout and framing started

Above: Windows Being made and stained in the tiny little office.

Above: Guttering and windows installed

Above: Stable style door made from 2x2 offcuts and panels out of a ex display door

Above: Stable style door made from 2x2 offcuts and panels out of a ex display door

Above: Internal Studwork and kitchenette

Above: Again

Above: Internals

Above: Window locks

Above: Windows Finished

Above: Ceiling insulation and cladding started

Above: Bathroon walls started

Above: Circular sink removed from casing

Above: Kitchen

Above: Interior cladding

Above: Ceiling cladded with exposed beam

Above: Electrical points

Above: Living room ceiling below bed

Above: Worktop cut out

Above: Sink in place

Above: Window flower troughs

Above: Window flower troughs

Above: Toilet/shower ceiling

Above: Toilet/shower room with pvc cladding on walls

Above: Electrical consumer unti

Above: Wiring

Above: Socket wiring

Above: Switch wiring

Above: Consumer unit

Above: extractrion fan hole

Above: toilet / shower room

Above: Area above shower room with electrics and extraction fan and ducting

Above: Kitchen area

Above: Hot water for the kitchen

Above: Insulation going in

Above: What a mess!

Above: Kitchen

Above: Shower room ceiling with light and extractor fan in one

Above: Electrics finished

Above: 4 gallon water tank

Above: Main strip of spotlights

Above: Up in the loft

Above: Exterior light fitted

Above: Decking area

Above: Decking area

Above: Folded up

Above: Folded up

Above: New flooring in hallway

Above: Kitchen unit

Above: Door locks

Above: Cupboard above shower room

Above: Corner shelfs

Above: Full height shelfing unit over wheel well

Above: Breakfast bar/hatch

Above: Kitchen shelf

Above: Corner shelf above door

Above: Power point in shelfing unit possibly for microwave

Above: Wheel well

Above: Shower room window

Above: Window facings on

Above: Skirting and beading

Above: Cupboard under kitchen unit. Wheel covers to be fitted still

Above: View from living room

Above: Shelfing unit

Above: Kitchen unit

Above: Kitchen

Above: Toilet glued into place and waste hole cut

Above: Shower room doorway framed

Above: Shower room doorway ready for a door

Above: Ladder made from two lengths of 2x2 and a legth of dowel and some light oak stain

Above: Rubber door stops for the ladder feet to stop any marks on the floor

Above: Door number. hopefully there will be a 2,3,4,5.... someday

Above: Carpet and skirting laid in the living area and a marble hearth stone that was free from an old fireplace

Above: Some cup hooks

Above: Pine toilet seat

Above: A new chrome shower (only 8)

Above: A bit of plumbing... Main water inlet to fill tank

Above: arpet and skirting laid in the living area and a marble hearth stone that was free from an old fireplace

Above: Small kitchenette unit in place

Above: Some more hooks

Above: The loft area with a futon matress that was also free off of freecycle

Above: Latch to keep stable door open

Above: Coat hook.

Above: Veg bed planted with carrots and spring onions

Above: Scales found at car boot sale for 2

Above: Shelf under sink made from scrap offcuts of an old bed

Above: Another car boot bargain

Above: Slate Tiles and Candle stick

Above: Baby belling mini oven, hob and grill

Above: Ladder hooks

Above: Extra shelving in kitchen area

Above: Key/misc hooks inside doorway

Above: Kitchen worktop siliconed round edges with clear silicone

Above: Extra support for decking

Above: Steps made from the decking offcuts

Above: Small gas heater and the candle heater

Above: Draughtproofing strip on door

Above: Draughtproofing strip on door

Above: Shower and cistern mounts and door frame for bathroom painted white and window facing stained

Above: Hanging baskets and trough up and lettuces in coming along nicely

Above: Completed kitchen

Above: Cushions to sit on

Above: Happy cups

Above: Bowl ( front of an old washing machine

Above: New Shortened Legs

Above: Kitchen

Above: Bed

Above: LIving area

Above: House at night

Above: House at night

Above: House at night

Above: New easy wipe blackout blue blind in the kitchen

Above: Blackout blue blind in the sleeping loft

Above: Bamboo rollup blinds throughout the rest of the house

Above: Bamboo rollup blinds throughout the rest of the house

Above: Nice antique style clock 5 from car boot sale above the front door.

Above: Steel for the new chassis

Above: Chassis started

Above: House with old A-frame removed

Above: Chassis progressing

Above: Chassis fitted

Above: Additional cold water tank fitted to double storing capacity from 4 to 8 gallons

Above: New set of steps built out of some old fence panels as the original ones fit the tiny office better

Above: Reclaimed wheel well cover held on with magnetic catches

Above: Old wheel space relaimed to make more storage as the new chassis has the wheels on the outside.

Above: Reclaimed wheel well space under the sink with a quick coat of paint to keep it looking tidy.

Above: New hot water system to replace the small instant heater. this holds 5litres of hot water and is fully adjustable to keep the hot water at the desired temperature.


Above: Whole house!!!